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Dehydrated Dragon Fruit(Pitaya)

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Dehydrated Dragon Fruit(Pitaya)

Dehydrated Dragon Fruit(Pitaya)


Explore our low-temperature dehydrated dragon fruits from Yunnan, crafted to perfection to preserve their natural flavors and nutritional benefits. Each slice is exceptionally thin, offering the perfect balance of sweetness, a chewy yet satisfying texture, and an enhanced taste profile thanks to the dragon fruit seeds. After dehydration, these seeds take on a sesame-like flavor, adding to the unique experience of enjoying this tropical treat.


We're committed to selecting only the best dried fruits, ensuring our dehydrated figs are refined sugar-free, without additives or preservatives, and 100% natural.


How to eat: These dragon fruit slices are fantastic as a standalone snack or as a creative addition to salads, granolas, or even desserts, where they lend their unique texture and taste.