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USDA Organic Goji Berries

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USDA Organic Goji Berries

USDA Organic Goji Berries


Explore our USDA Organic goji berries, celebrated for their vibrant color and impressive blend of nutrients. Grown on certified organic farms, these berries are a natural source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, offering a sweet and tangy flavor that's both delicious and nutritious. All our dried fruits are refined sugar-free, with no additives, preservatives, and are 100% natural.


Weight: 200g

How to Enjoy: They’re great for snacking, mixing into trail mixes, topping cereal or yogurt, or adding a nutritious kick to smoothies.

Nutritional Values: Calories: 349kcal, Fat: 0.4g, Carbs: 77.1g, Fiber: 13g, Sugars: 45.6g, Protein: 14.3g (per 100g)