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Whole Unsweetened Dry Blueberries

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Whole Unsweetened Dry Blueberries

Whole Unsweetened Dry Blueberries


Discover our dried blueberries from Northeast China, a natural treat that's as nutritious as it is delicious. These blueberries are dried without the addition of any sugars, juices, or oils, preserving their natural sour-sweetness and concentrated blueberry flavor. Their popularity among kids can be attributed to their tasty flavor and convenient, bite-sized form. Perfect for snacking straight from the pack, these blueberries can also enhance your yogurt or be a flavorful addition to your baking recipes. They're a versatile and wholesome choice for adding a burst of fruitiness to your day. All our dried fruits are refined sugar-free, with no additives, preservatives, and are 100% natural.


Weight: 150g

How to Enjoy: Enjoy as a handy snack, sprinkle over yogurt for a burst of flavor, or incorporate into baked goods for added sweetness and blueberry taste.

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