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Coconut Conditioner Bar

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Coconut Conditioner Bar

Coconut Conditioner Bar


Description: Shampoo bars go way back in history and originate in India. The actual idea of a conditioner though is a later invention to help keep the hair soft, provide hydration to the scalp, and help to get that hair glow! We think it is a great addition to shampoo bars and it is certainly good for your hair and good for the Planet!

Ingredients: Cocoa seed fat, cetacean sterol, shea fruit fat, stearyl, trimethylammonium chloride, glycerol stearate, olive oil, stearic acid, aminopropyl betaine, glycerol, water, coconut fruit juice, coconut extract.


How to Enjoy: After using a shampoo or as a hair mask: Wet me or directly rub me gently on your head. Massage your head for about 1 minute. Make sure to wash out very well.