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Crystal Natural Deodorant

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Crystal Natural Deodorant

Crystal Natural Deodorant


Description: Using a salt stone to kill off bacteria and prevent bad smells is a long-used technique throughout Asia. We believe that this little wonder of nature is a great addition to everybody's home. It saves space, looks cute, and helps naturally neutralize your odor.

Why you need it: Our Crystal Deodorant is the most natural solution for you and the planet that won't leave spots on your clothes. The result is a neutral odor that lasts! The Nude Crystal Deodorant is a pure mineral salt that helps control your natural odor without any influence of harmful chemicals. It's easy to bring with you wherever you go!

How it works: · Eliminate and block odor before it starts without harmful or harsh chemicals · Offer long-lasting, natural protection for up to 24 hours

Ingredients: Pure mineral salt

How to use it: · Wet and rub gently onto your wet armpit · After that, clean and put it in a dry place

Tip! Avoid putting the Deodorant in moist places as it is salty. It will melt over time if kept moist. Also, be careful when transporting it as it can break and then it will be hard to use. Make sure that you clean it well after each use and put it in a dry spot.

Do you know that you are making a good environmental impact: The Crystal Deodorant seems small but its impact is great! It can last for a year or longer and does not need any extra packaging! Imagine the number of bottles saved by switching to this deodorant. On top of that, it does not contain any harmful ingredients that would be released onto your skin or the planet!