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Hulled Sesame Tahini

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Hulled Sesame Tahini

Hulled Sesame Tahini


Our Hulled Sesame Tahini is the epitome of simplicity and flavor, made exclusively from sesame seeds and nothing else. We take pride in crafting a tahini that's both pure and incredibly versatile, perfect for adding depth and creaminess to a wide range of dishes. It's just sesame seeds, hulled to remove the outer layer, then ground into a smooth, rich paste that's packed with nutty flavor.

Ingredients: Sesame seeds

Weight: 410g

How to Enjoy it: Slather it on toast or mix it into your morning yogurt for a nutty twist. Whip it into dressings, sauces, or dips for an instant flavor upgrade. It's especially great in homemade hummus! Use it in place of other fats for a unique flavor in baked goods. Drizzle it over roasted or steamed vegetables for a touch of richness. Add a tablespoon to your smoothies for a creamy texture and a boost of healthy fats.

Nutritional Values: Serving size: 20g, Calories: 115kcal, Fat: 9.9g, Carbs: 4.7g, Protein: 3.5g (per serving size)