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Oat Soap Bar

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Oat Soap Bar

Oat Soap Bar


Using soaps to clean your body goes thousands of years back and has changed with the times. Our soaps are created with formulas that help to support your skin, prevent outside impact and nourish it deeply. Oats are the perfect addition to get smooth and glowing skin. 


Why do you need it
Our Oat soap is perfect to relieve stressed skin and provide moisture to your skin. The result is glowing, soothed, and rested skin. You will feel restored and deeply hydrated while the skin feels more tight and soft. The Nude Oat soap is purely made with oils and butters to bring you the best nutrition for your skin. 

How it works
● Oats will calm down irritation and inflammation
● Repair your skin by adding in moisture and antioxidants
● Mild exfoliation that stimulates blood circulation


Spanish virgin Olive Oil, Malaysian coconut Oil, Malaysian Oil, Sweet almond Oil, Avocado oil, Vitamin E oil, Oat grounds


How to use it
● Give your body a good rinse to loosen up the dirt and excess oil on your skin
● Work the soap into a nice lather and apply it to your body
● Rinse off the foam

One soap bar lasts up to 3 months and due to its natural ingredients, no chemicals are released upon your skin or to the environment. Using soap bars rather than traditional bottled shower gels will not just save a ton of plastic that won’t be polluting the Planet, it also has less packaging, less energy to transport, and uses less water to be produced than a traditional shower gel.


Nude  Tip!
To not let your precious soap bar melt away, store it well and make sure it won’t be moist all the time. You can cut it into two pieces or more in order to protect it and play with different sops to keep it fun!