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“Yunnan Crisp“ Roasted Coffee Beans

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“Yunnan Crisp“ Roasted Coffee Beans

“Yunnan Crisp“ Roasted Coffee Beans


Experience the superior natural environment of Yunnan, a health paradise known for its high-quality plateau high-altitude coffee. With a unique climate and fertile soil, Yunnan produces some of the finest coffee beans. Our love for Yunnan coffee is embodied by Zara, an expert cup tester who selects the best raw Pu'er coffee beans each harvest season. Through fine roasting, we ensure each coffee grain releases the perfect aroma. We prioritize the freshness of our coffee beans by roasting them as soon as they are ordered and shipping them immediately after.

Yunnan Crisp Coffee is grown at an altitude of 1500M. This coffee boasts flavors of citrus, wine, wild flower, and white chocolate, achieved through medium to deep baking in a small oven for fine baking.

Ingredients: Coffee beans

Weight: 227g

How to Enjoy: Grind & brew according to your preferred method and savor the distinct flavors of Yunnan coffee.

Nutritional Values: